The Possessed / The Watseka Wonder (2009)

The belief in possession by evil spirits plagued the darkness of the 18th century. Madness and hysteria spread, classifying the cripples and mentally ill as “Being under the control of the Devil”. These misfits became the victims of bizarre exorcisms or “ Casting Out Rituals”. Banished and removed from society they were locked away inside brutal asylums. Left helpless, alone and afraid they were branded “The Possessed”.

Based on the True Story, “The Watseka Wonder”, America's first documented possession of 1877. A chilling journal of a 13-year-old girl from the small town of Watseka, IL who became possessed with spirits of the insane dead!

A parallel journey into the world of possession and the paranormal as we witness, first hand, true and terrifying cases of teenage possession as told by the victims themselves. Filmed on location at real abandoned asylums and the actual haunted houses of “The Possessed”