THE POSSESSED: DVD review, a fantastic supernatural film by the Booth Brothers!

THE POSSESSED: Courage it took to make this film, in the eyes of the viewers, reality sets in, this is no longer a fantasy, this is the nightmare only one prays it never happens to them. The compelling stories and real eye witness accounts of those who swore to never talk about it again, and so the talent of the Booth Brothers does it again in their new documentary.

Chills swirled around my legs, my attention fixated as I watched and listened to the real stories of possession and the families it haunted, the victims memory scarred for life, some surviving, a few succumbed to their death. There is no boundaries for evil in which the Booth Brothers captured in this film. Hair raising and thought provoking. A film of knowledge, the edge of darkness and yet the power of defeat. "A fantastic supernatural Film!"

DVD Review by Tuesday Miles Exec-Producer Paranormal Radio

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