Las Vegas Examiner The Possessed DVD Review.When you watch their films you think wow, this is twisted!!

DVD review The Possessed paranormal documentary Booth Brothers. Reality TV and DVDs delve into the paranormal.
The paranormal is everywhere you look. TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) is on Sci-Fi Channel with a domestic and an international edition. TAPS actually tries to debunk hauntings they investigate and what is left after everything has been debunked is "possibly" paranormal. They take all cases, but most are historical or people with children who are afraid of what's in their home. A&E has Paranormal State .  A group of people from a Penn State Paranormal club try to help people with "evil" hauntings in their homes. This groups does a great deal of work with "demonic" hauntings. If you believe or not, both shows are entertaining and give you chills from time to time.

Paranormal DVDs; There are any number of DVD sets of the above shows and of former TV shows that delved into the paranormal. Then there is "The Booth Brothers" DVDs. I first discovered these two indie filmmakers on Myspace. I have several paranormal groups on my friends list and that of course attracts more. After receiving and accepting a friends request from "Death Tunnel". I started to pay attention to The Brothers Booth. Death Tunnel made my top 50 scariest horror movies. Christopher Saint and Philip are twin brothers from the UK. When you look at them you think, Rock 'n Rollers, long haired and British.  When you watch their films you think, wow, this is twisted! Their newest release is entitled "The Possessed". It is the third in a series of documentaries on the paranormal. This DVD covers "The Watseka Wonder". 

From the website; Based on the True Story, “The Watseka Wonder”, America's first documented possession of 1877. A chilling journal of a 13-year-old girl from the small town of Watseka, IL who became possessed by spirits of the insane dead! A terrifying journey into the world of the supernatural as we witness first hand, True cases of possession as told by the victims themselves. Filmed on location at the actual haunted houses and insane asylums of “ The Possessed”. WARNING: Contains disturbing images of real possession! May not be suitable for all audiences.

In true Booth Brothers style, this DVD is dark, both literally and content wise. They take you through the case, and also go on side trips to visit contemporary teens who were "possessed". Including some discussion of the real woman from the "Emily Rose" case. The trip through the Watseka case shows us the Victorian age death of a teenage girl and several years later the possession of another girl also in Watseka by the girl who died. This is a very short version of what the DVD covers, but for times sake it suffices to tell you the bare bones story, let the DVD fill in the meat. As in the other documentaries (see below), there is a history lesson that almost always (at least should) come with every paranormal story of this magnitude and the brothers gives us the story. Interviewed in the film are people who actually knew members of families involved. Also interviewed is the man who is the owner of one of the homes where the possession took place. I did some research online to check out the story the brothers tell,  I could find no case documenting possession as well as this movie does.

From the spookedtv.com site. "The belief in possession by evil spirits plagued the 18th century. Madness and hysteria spread classifying the mentally ill as “Being under the control of the Devil”. These sad misfits became the victims of bizarre exorcisms or “Casting Out Rituals”. Banished from society they were locked away inside brutal asylums and branded, “The Possessed”! A few of these asylums are visited. They actually catch a "spirit" on film in one of them. I can confirm for you that the mentally ill can be "labeled" as possessed by certain sections of the Christian community. I've seen it happen. Be it true or not, this DVD is entertaining and very very creepy. It's worth watching and keeping in your collection to show for Halloween or other events that warrant the watching of scary DVDs.Sci-Fi Channel is the outlet where the Booth's films are shown.
Other DVDs by the Booth Brothers. Death Tunnel. Horror movie based on true happenings at the Waverley Hills Sanatorium. A TB hospital.  The movie was actually filmed at the old sanatorium which still stands and has guided tours and also Halloween events. It is located in Louisville Kentucky.

Spooked. A documentary that arose from the filming of Death Tunnel. The cast and crew experienced lots of weird happenings during their time there and the brothers ended up doing a documentary on the sanatorium and it's tragic history. (TAPS did a Halloween special live from their last year and other shows have also featured this paranormal hot spot. )

Children of the Grave. This is a documentary about the children that were left abandoned as orphans or as throw away kids. They were housed in state run institutions where they were given milk that was tainted. Thousands died and many mass graves and graves marked with only numbers are shown. A few of these buildings are still standing and they are investigated with some scary results. Also featured is a place in Missouri called "Zombie Road". The film crew caught a lot of film with "anomalies". One particular scene is shown from a road looking up to a tree linked ridge. On the ridge are the shadow figures of as many as twenty or more children. At least they are little short shadows. The sight of this part of the film is horrifying. Lots more happens that is also very disturbing. The Possessed is actually a follow up to Children of the Grave. A great follow up.

Order Online at www.spookedtv.com or www.thepossessedmovie.com


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